By attracting a larger pool of users to take our assessments, we will be able to generate insights on areas our students need the most help with!

This enables us to partner with education providers to provide targeted and more cost-effective solutions based on your child's needs and areas of weaknesses.

We provide the following analytics for free once you finish an assessment so that you can take targeted action:

  • Your performance for each topic
  • Your relative performance to other users who took the same assessment

If you register an account with us, you will be able to access additional analytics:

  • Your historical performance for each assessment
  • Your historical performance for each topic
  • Detailed breakdown of where your weaknesses are

We only offer questions for Mathematics at the moment. As part of our vision, we will also offer assessments for other subjects soon.

Currently, we only support Primary 6 students based on the Singapore syllabus. We plan to expand to other levels in the near future.


You do not need to register an account in order to take our Practice assessments.

However, if you want to take our Test assessments, you will need to register an account and complete your registration by saving your level and school.

We want to provide accurate and reliable information on how you stand relative to your peers from other schools. In order to do so, the relative performance will be calculated based on first attempts only. Therefore, we need users to register to identify their first attempt.

Something went wrong on our end! Do drop us a note via the feedback form here or send an email to [email protected] for us to correct it.

Our questions are from publicly available sources. Going forward, we will work with educational experts to craft questions unique to our platform.

We map our questions to the topics and classifications according to the MOE syllabus.

Based on students’ answers to each question, we’ll then be able to determine their performance and the topics that they are strong or weak at.

For our initial rollout, we are focused on helping to streamline your child’s revision process by providing insights on their strengths and weaknesses.

In the future, we intend to provide answer explanations so that your child can also use Glean as a learning tool.

Other Questions

We are currently focused on the Singapore market.

Firstly, you will benefit from helping us to create a useful product that is able to help you or your child accurately identify their strengths and weaknesses within a subject for free. You will also be able to gauge their performance relative to the rest of the cohort before PSLE, provided that we have a big user base. (We will need your help for this, help us spread the word!)

Finally, we plan on establishing partnerships with tutors, tutor agencies, tuition centres and e-learning providers to provide you or your child targeted lessons based on your needs and at a lower cost.

We only collect your email address, level and school information if you register an account with us. This information is not shared with anyone. We do not collect any other information about you.

The current product is our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and we seek your feedback to make our product better for you! Click here to submit your feedback.