How to Use Glean?

By: Team Glean

July 20 2021

First time here? Need help navigating and understanding our platform? No worries, we’re here to help!


Taking our Assessments


1. Simply click on ‘Assessments’ to get started! 

2. You will then arrive on this page showing all the available assessments you can take. Note that papers titled ‘Tests’ would require you to register for an account and update your level and school information under 'Account’

The red highlighted box shows the number of times the paper has been attempted. It also shows you the number of unique users who have attempted the paper for' Tests'. 

Registering for an Account


1. To register for an account, simply click ‘Login’.

2. You will see the page below. Click ‘Sign up’ if you have yet to register for an account. Once you have an account, you can just login subsequently to track your progress and view your results easily. 

3. After creating your account, remember to click ‘Account’ and update your or your child’s education level and school to get access to our ‘Tests’.  

This page is also where you can view your child’s performance after the completion of any practice or test papers.

After submission of assessments


1. After completing an assessment, you will be directed to view your results. 

The ‘Results’ tab shows the attempt number, the time taken to complete the assessment, and the score based on the number of correct answers.


2. ‘Relative Performance’ shows the student's performance compared to others who have completed the same assessment, giving insights into the difficulty of the assessment across the cohort.

We would also calculate your relative score performance to other attempts by other students.

The average score is calculated by dividing the sum of all scores across all attempts by the number of attempts.

The median score is the score at the 50 percentile of the students who attempted the assessment.

The average time taken for all attempts is calculated relative to others who have attempted the paper. 

3. ‘Historical Performance’ shows your scores across various attempts. 

4. ‘Topical breakdown’ shows the score percentage attained for all the topics tested in the assessment.

The score for each topic is calculated by taking the percentage of correct answers over the number of questions within the respective topic. Topics with the highest scores show the topics that the student is stronger and vice versa. 

For the full list of topics and the subtopics, please refer to this list here


5. To provide feedback on the assessments or our analytics, you can submit via the blue button. 

View your cumulative performance


1. ‘Completed Assessments’ is where you can view all the student’s completed assessments. Click ‘Link’ to review the papers and your mistakes. 

2. ‘General Performance’ shows your cumulative performance in terms of the number of assessments and questions taken, percentage of correct answers, and average score obtained out of the total possible score based on the questions attempted. Unique assessment or questions refer to the number of unique assessment/questions attempted across all test papers. 

3. ‘Topical performance’ shows the student’s cumulative score percentage across all the assessments by topic. Topics with the highest scores show the topics that the student is strongest at and vice versa. 

4. Under ‘Targeted Action’, we provide suggestions on topics students should focus on based on the topics with the lowest scores.

Separate reports may be sent to the parents as we get more participants.