How Glean can help YOU

By: Team Glean

July 5 2021

There’s a rather big education support market in Singapore, from tuition centres to online e-learning platforms — the latter alone offers a wide range of selection. You may be wondering: how does Glean fit in within this competitive education space? What can Glean offer to you or your child? How is Glean different from the other platforms? This is what we’ll be sharing in today’s article. 


To help you better understand Glean’s offerings, you’ll need to know what we are trying to provide a solution for. These are gaps that we have identified in our education system and the existing education support market.


Existing gaps in Singapore’s Education System & the Education Support Market


1. It breeds inequality.


The Singapore education system is underpinned by the concept of meritocracy — a system that recognises and rewards individuals based on their merits, talents and achievements. While this system has lifted many in the early days, it is increasingly a victim of its own success as the advantages conferred to the better-performing students are accrued and passed on to the next generation. This has since resulted in systemic unfairness and broadened inequalities within society


Those who perform better at an early age are more likely to provide better lives for their families in the future, thereby giving their children a head start. Such advantages come in many forms. For example, they may be capable of sending their children to various enrichment programmes from a young age, translating to better performance in schools. As a result, students do not all begin from the same starting point and those who are not as privileged are more likely to be disadvantaged when benchmarked against students from affluent families. 


2. One-size-fit-all approach


Additionally, schools and tuition centres tend to apply a one-size-fits-all approach by offering the same learning materials and dictating the amount of time that students should invest in the various subjects and topics. This fails to address and cater to the uniqueness of each student’s learning characteristics. Not only can this result in a waste of resources and time, but it may also restrict students from reaching their full potential throughout their learning journey. While 1-1 tuition may address this problem, it is often very costly.


3. Imperfect information


Prior to PSLE, students are unable to gauge their relative performance to the rest of the national cohort besides their schoolmates. They are also unable to accurately identify their strengths and weaknesses within the syllabus, particularly for students without the resources to employ external aid like tuition.


Our Strategy


This is where Glean comes in. 

We understand the problems that you or your children face and we’re here to help. 


As a social-driven endeavour, we aspire to equip every child with the opportunity and resources for targeted, quality and cost-effective aid in their education. 


1. Free assessments to understand students’ strengths and weaknesses


We do this by providing analytics on student’s performance based on their test results on our website, giving insights into their strengths and weaknesses in a subject. This would allow students to adopt the most suitable learning approach and better manage their time after understanding what they need to work on most.


Unlike most Edtech companies, we are committed to providing FREE tests and analytics to help our students and we will always remain free. 


2. Targeted help to improve


Next, we plan on developing partnerships with education support providers (e.g. tuition centres, tutors) to provide a range of options for students to engage help in their weaker areas. Currently, tuition centres only offer a fixed and standard range of topics. This is ineffective and costly for students who do not require help for all the offered topics or are looking for cost-effective options. 


With more users taking our assessments, we will be better placed to achieve this goal for you.


3. Data to gauge students’ relative performance 


Through all the tests done on our platform, we are also able to provide data on how your child is doing relative to their peers. This would allow students to gauge their relative performance accurately before PSLE. Understandably, that is only possible if we can get a sufficiently large number of students in the cohort to try our tests here. 


So let us help you. Take our tests or get your child to try them out today!  Spread the word about Glean. The quality of the insights we can provide depends on the community, starting with you!