Primary 6 CA1 Practice #3

Time elapsed:  
Q1. 4 : 7 = 32 : ___. What is the missing number in the blank?     [1 mark]
Q2. Express 2045 cm in m.     [1 mark]
Q3. Yvette uses syrup and water in the ratio 3 : 5 to make lemon juice. She uses 330 ㎖ of syrup. How much water does she use?     [1 mark]
Q4. The table below shows the parking charges at a carpark in a shopping mall. Francis parked his car at the carpark from 8.00 a.m to 11.15 a.m. How much did he pay?     [2 marks]
Q5. There are 48 girls in the canteen. 25% of the children in the canteen are girls. How many boys are there?     [2 marks]
Q6. A nylon rope is 67 m long. It is cut into 12 equal pieces. What is the length of each piece?     [1 mark]
Q7. The figure is made up of 2 identical circles of diameter 8 cm. Find the area of the shaded parts. Express your answer in terms of π.     [1 mark]
Q8. Find the value of 74 x 14.     [1 mark]
Q9. Rebecca and Rachel bought a present. Rebecca used 13 of her money and Rachel used 25 of her money to pay for the present. After paying for the present, they had the same amount of money left. What fraction of the cost of the present is paid by Rachel?     [2 marks]
Q10. A painter needs y tins of paint to paint 5 rooms. How many tins of paint does he require to paint 8 rooms of the same size?     [2 marks]
Q11. Rebecca had 38 as many dolls as Theresa. Theresa gave half of her dolls to Rebecca. What was the ratio of the number of Rebecca dolls to the number of Theresa dolls in the end?     [2 marks]
Q12. There were 416 820 visitors to a tourist attraction last year. Express this number to the nearest ten thousand.     [1 mark]
Q13. Isabelle had 3 m of cloth to make 2 pillow cases. She used 38 m of cloth for each pillow case. How much cloth did she have left?     [2 marks]
Q14. 25 of the mass of watermelon is equal to 34 of the mass of a durian. What is the ratio of the mass of the watermelon to the mass of the durian?     [2 marks]
Q15. Olivia, Gladys and Adeline shared a box of chocolates in the ratio 4 : 3 : 2 respectively. If Gladys received 60 chocolates, how many chocolates did Adeline receive?     [1 mark]
Q16. The ratio of the amount of money Mandy had to the amount of money Rebecca had was 3 : 4. When Rebecca gave Mandy $10, the ratio became 1 : 1. How much money did Mandy have at first?     [2 marks]
Q17. What is the ratio of the length of Rectangle P to the length of Rectangle Q?     [1 mark]
Q18. Look at the pattern below. Find the sum of the two missing numbers.     [2 marks]
Q19. Gina had 58 kg of cookies. She gave away 13 of it to her friends. How many kilograms of cookies did she give away to her friends?     [1 mark]
Q20. What is the value of 200 รท 2000?     [1 mark]