How it works

Find out your child’s strengths, weaknesses and performance relative to their entire cohort by taking a free assessment! We are inviting students from all schools to take our assessments as part of our social vision.

Participating will help you gauge your child’s relative progression and take targeted steps to help them improve further!

How to participate

  1. Create a free account.
  2. Let your child take the free assessment.
  3. Share Glean with other parents!

The more students who take the test, the more accurate the benchmarking data will be. We will send you periodic updates on your child’s relative performance as we get more participants!

The best part? Everything is offered for free!

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Why should I participate now?

For a limited time only, accounts created during our initial launch will be recognised as Glean Supporters. Glean Supporters will get lifetime benefits such as preferential access to future product launches and discounts on future service offerings.

Being an early adopter also allows you to help us shape the direction of our future product offerings that you can stand to benefit from!

Sign up for a free account now and be recognised as a Glean Supporter for a lifetime!

(Tip: You can sign up for an account now even if your child is not currently in P6!)

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