Our Mission

We aim to democratise education support in Singapore through the application of technology.

Our Vision

A Fair Education for every Child.

About Glean

Glean was founded in early 2020 with the mission of democratising access to education support in Singapore.

  • We dream of a future where every child, no matter their background, can compete equally academically.
  • We are a technology driven company utilising big data and predictive analytics to help parents help their children better.

Our Story

We acknowledge that not every child in Singapore has access to the same level of Education Support outside school.

What is Education Support? Our team defines it as any education activity conducted beyond formal schooling to prepare a child for standardised exams such as PSLE. This includes tuition, e-learning, self-learning, parent-assisted learning and peer tutoring.

Depending on the socioeconomic background of a child's family, he or she will have access to differing levels of Education Support outside school. We believe this creates an unlevel playing field.

This problem is exacerbated by the disparity in quality of teaching and cohort strength across schools. As a result, students from certain schools routinely outperform the rest. This makes it difficult to gauge a student's expected performance for PSLE based on his performance in school alone.

Our Values

Here at Glean, we believe in the following.

  • Fairness: We believe every child, regardless of background, should have access to quality education support outside school.
  • Effectiveness - We aim to provide the most effective solutions for you to help your child.
  • Technology-driven - We believe in the power of technology to transform the education support landscape.

Our team strives to make the above dream a reality through the use of technology. Using proprietary technology, we aim to bring you leading analytics and insights for your child free-of-charge. Our reports will tell you exactly what your child is weak at, allowing you to render the necessary support in a targeted fashion.

Our goal is to build an assessment platform which provides the most accurate predictive analytics in Singapore. For that to happen, we need your support. The more students that utilise our platform, the more accurate our predictions will be. We will start with the PSLE and progressively roll out to other Education Levels in Singapore.