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About Glean

We Apply Technology to Education.

Our Values

  • Fairness - We believe every child, regardless of background, should have access to the same quality of education support outside school.
  • Effectiveness - We aim to provide the most effective solutions for you to help your child.
  • Technology-driven - We believe in the power of technology to transform the education support landscape.
About Us

How Does It Work?

Together with a team of education specialists, we have curated questions meant to effectively gauge your child's grasp of PSLE subjects. Our free-to-access tests will help you help your child more effectively.

Cohort Based Analytics

We aim to provide parents with an accurate indication of how their child is progressing academically. Not only against a static test. Not only against their schoolmates. But against all Singaporean children taking the PSLE.

Community Approach

Our platform relies on the strength of our community. Every participating student helps to improve the accuracy of our reports. Get your child to take a test today to contribute and benefit from our curated assessments!

Effective and Targeted Action

Based on the PSLE syllabus and learning objectives, we will help you identify specific topics your child is weak at. Take targeted action by focusing on the areas which will have the greatest impact.